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BJfcTA PATNI MAJuL.                                                         137
old buildings of the Siva til were restored by that generous and benevolent
founder, the goal of good deeds, the bestower of benefits on all the people of the
world, the centre of public gratitude. Raja Patai Mall, Bahadur, fountain of
excellent virtue ; then the year of its constructionófor the remembrance of all
the worldówas found to be 1222. Thought (or the poet Zak&) suggested the
following tarikk according to the cibjad reckoning [illegible] water of life.*'
The design and execution are both of singular excellence and reflect the high-
est credit on the architect whom he employed ; the sculptured arcades, which pro-
ject far into the centre of the basin and break up the long fliglits of steps into
three compartments on each side, being especially graceful.    The place is visited
by a large number of bathers from the aeigbourhood- every morning and is
the scene of an annual mela held oa the llth of the dark fortnight of the month
Bhadon,    Outside the eaclosure is a small temple in the same style of architec-
ture dedicated to MaMdeva uader the title of Achalesvar.    In the Manoharpur
quarter of the city is a large temple of this Raj&'s foundation, bearing the title
of Dirgha Yishnu.   The name is unusual and refers to the £ gigantic5 stature
which the boy Krishna assnmed when he entered the arena to fight with Kansa's
champions, Chanura and Mushtika.   The BajtTs dwelling-house is still stand-
ing, on the Nabarchi tila, and was recently occupied for a time as a normal
school for the training of female teachers.    He is further commemorated by
another small shrine near the Holi gate of the city, which he rebuilt in honour
of Vira-bhadra, the terrible being created by Siva and Devi in, their wrath, to
disturb the sacrifice of Dakslia, a ceremony to which they had not been, invited.
His great ambition was to rebuild the ancient temple of Kesava. Deva, and
with this view he had gradually acquired a considerable part of the site.    But
as some of the llahaininadans, who had occupied the ground for nearly two
centuries, refused to be bought out and the law upheld  them in their refusal,
he was at last, and after great expense had been incurred, reluctantly obliged
to abandon the idea.    Should a stranger visit the tank early in the morning
and enquire of any Hindu he meets there by whom it was constructed, he will
find considerable difficulty in eliciting a straightforward answer.   The Raja,
it is said, was a man of such delicate constitution that lie never could take at
one time more than a very few morsels even of the simplest food ; heace arises a
belief that any one, who mentions him by name the first thing IB the raonii&g,
will, like him, -have to pass the day fasting.
From the katia, the centre -of all the localities which we have liitherio been
describing, a fine broad road lias been carried through the high ridge, which